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What Is Artvigil 150 mg?

Artvigil 150 mg is a popular medication used to combat daytime sleepiness and extreme drowsiness in users. It contains armodafinil as its active component, and in recent years, it has proven to be very effective in the curbing of extreme sleepiness and a lack of motivation.

If you are familiar with drugs such as Modafinil or Modalert, then you’ve probably heard the term “nootropics” being thrown around. Artvigil belongs to the category of drugs known as nootropics and helps users to stay focused and alert throughout the day, as well as to enjoy a longer period of mental alertness.

Thanks to its high success rate, this medication is used by a large number of people, including students, artists, and individuals who work a regular 9-5 job.

How Tablets Work

For years, Artvigil’s mechanism of action has remained a partial mystery. Many experts can’t pinpoint how this drug works exactly. However, most believe that it works by affecting the substances in the brain that control the sleep/wake cycle.

Just like modafinil, armodafinil (the active component in Artvigil) blocks dopamine reuptake by binding to the dopamine transporter and increasing dopamine concentrations in certain regions of the brain.

This helps to drive productivity and boost the user’s alertness to levels never seen before.

Safe Dosage and Proper Use

Although Artvigil 150mg is a highly “magical” pill, it should be used with absolute caution. Since the effects of this drug typically stay for a long period of time, it is advisable to take it in the morning, one hour before your work shift.

The effects of a single pill last for the entire day, so there’s absolutely no need to take more. When using this drug, it is important to stick to the recommended dosage.

Finally, avoid using this medication as an alternative to sleep as your body’s natural cravings for sleep will eventually catch up.

Possible Side Effects

When using Artvigil 150 mg, it is quite normal to experience certain side effects, the most common one being insomnia. Since it was specifically created to fight sleepiness, it is not surprising that it may cause sleeplessness in some users.

Other common side effects of this medication include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and, in some cases, dry mouth.

There are some more serious negative reactions that may result from the use of this drug. However, they rarely occur, but when they do, it is always advisable to seek medical attention immediately. Some of these after-effects include tremors, hallucinations, depression, etc.

According to several users, Artvigil may cause a loss of appetite. Thus, people who plan to use this drug for an extended period of time should watch out for extreme weight loss.

Contraindications and Cautions

Drug interactions typically change how medicine works or increase the risk of severe side effects. Artvigil may interact with street drugs such as methamphetamine and some prescription and OTC drugs that include:

  • Lisinopril;
  • Clonazepam;
  • Omeprazole;
  • Xanax;
  • Trazodone;
  • Percocet.

Taking caffeine with it could also increase the adverse reactions that are typically experienced when using Artvigil. Alcohol may also interact with this drug if consumed excessively. This is not a complete substance that may interact with Artvigil. Consult your physician to get more detailed info on Interactions.

Consumer Experience

For several medications, it may be hard to find genuine positive reviews from customers who have used the drug. However, when it comes to Artvigil and other nootropics, the facts speak for themselves.

Many individuals who have used Artvigil 150mg have reported improved alertness and focus. A majority of them have given it a thumbs up in terms of effectiveness, tolerability, and ease of use.

Artvigil helps users to complete tasks swiftly, without feeling tired, sleepy, or worn out. But before using any nootropics, you should consult a doctor.

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